So, you’ve decided to invest in real estate. We have great news: With Fundrise at your fingertips, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to invest in a diverse portfolio of private market real estate.

But as exciting as this streamlined access may be, getting started with your Fundrise account is just one step. (Albeit a major one!)

We believe that what makes Fundrise unique is our commitment to transforming the overall investment experience, from beginning to end. Our innovations in transparency, communications, and interactivity are designed to drive your portfolio’s growth while empowering you along the way.

How? It begins right on our platform with your investor dashboard, which is your door into the ongoing investment experience.

Portfolios designed to evolve and grow

One of the first things you’ll notice when you log in to your dashboard is the variety of ways you can view and explore your portfolio’s individual investment assets. The properties you initially are invested in will depend on a menu of choices you selected when you placed your first investment: your initial investment amount, your preferred strategy, and whether you opted into any additional funds.

Your first properties will likely vary in their locations, sizes, business plans, construction types, financial structures, and more. This collection of assets is the engine that drives your portfolio… least at first. The nature of Fundrise portfolios is for them to be dynamic and to grow. After you invest in your initial collection of assets, our in-house real estate team will continue to scour the country for additional properties that meet our rigorous standards. When we invest in a new asset, we’ll add it to a fund that you may own, if it matches your portfolio strategy — with no additional investment required on your end.

Each time we invest in a new property and it becomes part of your account, it means we’re working to balance or deepen a fund’s portfolio diversification. We choose our investments with extensive scrutiny, so that each property aims to pay off along a strategic timeline, and we make subsequent investments with the goal of maximizing how your dollars are going to work.

The stories behind your properties

The acquisition of new assets is exciting, and it drives your portfolio’s evolution, but there’s usually much more to each property’s story. Generally, a significant portion of an asset’s value can only be realized over time, and real estate investments are typically held for several years, if not longer.

Along the way, they change and grow, driven by renovations, land entitlements, the accumulation of tenants, neighborhood transformations, and much, much more. Again, our experienced in-house team handles the management of all these aspects for you — at costs we work relentlessly to minimize, to an extent virtually unheard of in our industry.

A key part of the Fundrise experience is showcasing the properties’ stories as they develop, so you can understand exactly how real assets are driving your investment. We tell you about the ideas behind our successes and aim to be transparent about setbacks or unexpected turns.

We regularly publish and share with our investors construction updates, exit updates, and all kinds of other property-based news, so you can see exactly how the real estate you own is growing in the world around you — as it’s on its way to potentially delivering dollars into your account.

The ability to watch your investment develop in this way is a radically new precedent for the world of private market real estate. Where traditional investment firms build black boxes around their individual investments, we see important stories to tell.

Our team’s insights and the Fundrise edge

Being an effective real estate investor doesn’t just mean examining and applauding high-potential properties. It also means looking at larger movements in the market, considering macro trends in the country’s real estate, learning about personal finance best practices, and more.

Of course, to be a Fundrise investor, you don’t need a background in any of these things — Fundrise is suitable for investors of every level — but for those Fundrise users who want to hone a deeper understanding of our team’s investment strategies and opinions, we are committed to making that understanding possible. We frequently publish our beliefs about the financial universe around us and we make observations about the ebb and flow of today’s economy.

These communications include such letters as strategic outlines from our leadership team; details about how you can expect Fundrise to behave in a financial crisisannouncements about new platform features; and educational articles outlining important financial concepts, which can help you contextualize important Fundrise concepts, like our historical performance or how appreciation can power returns.

As we publish each of these pieces, we eagerly ask for feedback and welcome all questions and opinions, so we can better understand how our thoughts and hypotheses align with your own. This exchange of ideas is invaluable to us — in fact, our CEO often reviews responses we receive from our investors.

All of these updates and communications manifest for you via the newsfeed on your investor dashboard. This is where you can find a chronological record of your portfolio’s most important developments. So, as asset updates and letters from our team shape your portfolio’s journey, you can always scroll back and see exactly how your investment got to this point.

Tech-powered tools and transformative visibility

A central part of the Fundrise experience is our dedication to giving you meaningful visibility into your investment’s ongoing performance.

This visibility begins with the fundamental information we offer to every investor directly on their dashboard: we provide real-time performance reporting, where you can see exactly how much your account has earned in both dividends and appreciation, to-date. While this kind of regularly updated return data is not only common but expected in the public market, it’s virtually unheard of for many private market investments, where assessing an asset’s value cannot be accelerated by an always active, efficient market. Fundrise is (to our knowledge) the first platform to provide this level of software-driven, real-time reporting for private equity real estate investments.

Beyond tracking how your investment has done so far, we also believe in making it as easy as possible for you to maximize your account performance in the future. For Core level accounts and above, we offer an investment goal tool, which allows investors to designate a specific financial target. As their portfolios grow, our platform will automatically tell them whether their projected future performance has them on track to meet their goals, or if they should consider adjustments to help you get back on target.

Similarly, tools like auto-invest give you the power to set automated schedules for additional investments, driving long-term growth on a schedule of your choice. It’s also simple to upgrade to higher account levels anytime you’re ready, so you can broaden your portfolio diversification and unlock new features.

We know that our investors’ time is precious, and one of the most important innovations we’ve brought to the world of private real estate is an efficiency that delivers value in the form of time saved. Where being a real estate investor once often meant being a landlord, an accountant, a handyman, and more, it now simply means hopping onto your laptop or picking up your phone and exploring your dashboard.

Determined innovation and new investment opportunities

From the beginning, a defining part of the Fundrise experience has been our dedication to identifying, building, and introducing entirely new investment products.

We pay close attention to changes in the market, to regulatory overhauls and updates, and to novel capabilities facilitated by new technology. When we see an opportunity to give our investors access to a new kind of investment on our platform, we’re determined to tap into our powers of innovation and develop a way to make it possible.

These kinds of product launches can only occur when there’s a strong opportunity and fit with our platform — but when they do happen, they represent access to truly new investment classes through Fundrise. In the past, they have included our eREITs, which were the original funds of private market real estate available online; the Fundrise iPO (Internet Public Offering), which gave our investors the unique chance to invest in a private company — that is, Fundrise itself; and our eFunds, which introduced a way to use Fundrise to invest in for-sale housing, a distinct class of real estate that provides a meaningfully different kind of diversification and return profile.

As we continue to transform the world of investing, you can expect us to continue to work on more revolutionary investment products like these, expanding the overall Fundrise experience.

How do YOU want to experience real estate investing?

At every level of our platform, we’ve worked to build an experience that serves investors according to their preferences, their financial background, and their future goals. Whether you’re brand new to real estate or an experienced industry insider, we believe you’ll discover truly new opportunities through Fundrise, thanks to our platform’s efficiency and depth.

However, even as we’ve spent years innovating new ways to improve our platform, we always welcome any ideas or requests you may have, to help us shape the best experience possible. Send us any comments and feedback to Or, if you don’t yet have a Fundrise portfolio and you’re interested in kicking off your real estate journey, you can get started here, in a matter of minutes.