Quality assets. Low fees. Smart technology.

We blend our investment expertise with smart technology to provide our 150,000 investors with the buying power and investment opportunities traditionally reserved for billion dollar institutions.

Did you know?
We've acquired more than 200 assets, collectively worth more than $5.1 Billion, on behalf of Fundrise investors.
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Your portfolio is powered by high-quality, resilient assets.

Our assets drive your returns. We pair our extensive network and expertise with the collective buying power of our investor community to acquire high-quality assets ranging from debt to equity, commercial to residential, and more.

We follow a "value investing" strategy of acquiring assets for less than what we believe is their intrinsic value, and typically less than their replacement cost. Our team then works to increase the value of each asset over time through hands-on management and in partnership with local operators.

We've specifically built the Fundrise portfolio with the intention of being able to withstand prolonged periods of economic distress. Nothing can be guaranteed, but because of our conservative approach and extensive underwriting processes, we believe the Fundrise portfolio is, from a risk-adjusted-return standpoint, well positioned to be able to sustain a severe economic downturn.

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Did you know?
Fundrise's standard portfolios can save investors more than $100/year in advisory and asset management fees alone for every $10,000 invested, versus Starwood or Blackstone's1 REITs — in addition to charging zero performance fees, transaction fees, or sales commissions.
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Your returns are maximized through our low-fee approach.

While historically profitable, the real estate investing industry is notorious for its high advisory fees, hidden management fees, and return-limiting performance fees. Fundrise investors are arguably able to own real property in a more low-cost way than was previously ever possible.

We've reduced our costs and your fees to ensure you keep more of what you earn. We did this by designing new software that makes dozens of expensive-but-required processes much cheaper at scale.

We also handle virtually every piece of the real estate business in-house. We work directly with real estate developers and operators, handle our own financials, and manage our own deals. Because we've eliminated most intermediaries, we're able to keep our expenses low.

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Did you know?
Fundrise investors have earned more than $100 million in dividends alone since 2014.
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Your first investment is just the beginning.

Within minutes, you can create an account, choose your portfolio strategy, and watch as your dollars are diversified across a series of investment funds tailored to your selected strategy.

After you place your initial investment, we'll keep working to find and add new assets to your portfolio over time — with no additional investment required on your end. This means your already-diversified portfolio can become stronger year after year.

Through your in-app newsfeed, you can watch each asset in your portfolio evolve over time. We regularly publish new asset updates, including milestones like new construction progress, occupancy reports, market data trends, and project completion alerts. Where traditional investment firms typically build black boxes around their individual investments, we see an opportunity to deliver an extraordinarily rich and transparent investing experience.

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