Introducing real-time performance reporting

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Key new features

While the details of the updates are extensive, some of the primary changes include:

  • Time-weighted returns, both for your overall Fundrise portfolio and the individual eREITs and eFunds in it.
  • An improved “position view” showing how each individual eREIT or eFund that makes up your portfolio is impacting its overall performance.
  • A detailed breakdown of all your activity on Fundrise since opening your account, including all earnings to date, contributions made, distributions received, and fees paid.

See the new performance updates for yourself.

Real-time reporting for real estate private equity

Our mission has always been to provide you with a great investment experience by taking the highest-quality investments and making them available through an intuitive platform. For most investors, a key component of a great experience is having real time reporting on the performance of their investments.

For those whose primary experience with investing is buying stocks, the ability to log in to your brokerage account and see your returns in real time may seem like the norm. But you may not focus on the fact that this is only possible because of the constant “pricing” that occurs when millions of shares of that stock are traded daily.

Your Fundrise portfolio, on the other hand, is made up of illiquid real estate assets — much more akin to a real estate private equity fund. The value of the properties within it (and therefore the overall value of your portfolio) is much more difficult to determine on a daily basis, when the property is not being bought or sold. This is even more true when the property is in the middle of construction, or a renovation, or is being leased up.

While we hope you find this new level of reporting useful, it’s also important to understand that any performance figures derived from investments that are still owned and have not yet been sold are inherently preliminary estimates that may fluctuate over time.

For those investors whose portfolios are allocated towards more growth-oriented investments, the limitations of these performance figures will be especially true, given that we would expect a substantial portion of any returns to be generated at the end of the investment’s life, when the majority of the properties in your portfolio are sold.

Despite the inherent challenges associated with reporting interim performance on long-term, illiquid investments, we’ve committed ourselves to developing a framework that aims to provide you with the fullest possible estimate of how your portfolio is doing along the way.

To further point out just how unique this decision is, we are (to our knowledge) the first to provide this level of software-driven, real time reporting for private equity real estate investments.

Looking ahead

As always, the driving force behind these updates is to provide you with the best possible investor experience. Though we view this release as a major step forward, we are already at work on the next round of new features.

Your feedback on these improvements is highly valuable and will help us going forward, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to with any thoughts or questions.