Track Record

$1.15 billion
total value of real estate
under management
real estate deals
originated as of Dec 31, 2016

A diversified eREIT™ investor could have received an annualized dividend of 6.95% for 2016.

Income eREIT™ and Growth eREIT™ Non-Compounded Dividends
The figure above assumes a $5,000 investment in the Fundrise Real Estate Investment Trust, LLC ("Income eREIT™") and a $5,000 investment in the Fundrise Equity REIT, LLC ("Growth eREIT™"). Full Disclosure.

How did we do it?

due diligence

Our underwriters test each opportunity against an exhaustive model, covering everything from economic stress testing to criminal background checks on sponsors.

Commitment to
high standards

In 2015, Fundrise reviewed over 2,000 potential deals. Of those, less than 2% were approved. We will remain committed to quality, even if that means fewer deals.


From top to bottom, Fundrise is built on a scalable cloud software platform that enables us to operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional investment models.

We’ve invested across major US markets.

Top Metro Markets

by dollars invested

Asset Type

Investment Term

Security Type

The information presented above represents the geographical breakdown of the assets that constituted the Project Dependent Note program sponsored by Rise Companies Corp. (the parent company of Fundrise, LLC, and the sponsor of the various eREITs), and does not reflect or include any of the assets held by any of the various eREITs. Investors in any of the eREITs’ common shares will not acquire any ownership interest in any of the entities to which the foregoing information relates. For a fuller description of the Project Dependent Note program, please see the Prior Performance Summary section of each eREIT’s Offering Circular, links to which are available on each eREIT’s individual offering page, as well as on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR website. Show less

Previous Investments

Below is a sampling of real estate assets originated by affiliates of Rise Companies Corp. and may not reflect or include any of the assets held by any of the various eREITs™. Full Disclosure.