Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the the Fundrise Android app is now available for download in the Google Play Store.

As requested, Fundrise investors will now have the ability to monitor and manage their investments from their Android phones. We believe this represents a major step forward in our work to build the best real estate investing experience ever.

What does the Fundrise Android app offer?

The Fundrise Android app is designed to bring many of the key features available on the desktop experience to your fingertips — from monitoring your portfolio’s performance, to reviewing your investment allocation, to growing your account balance.

App capabilities for investors

Accessing your account is easier than ever

Security is imperative in the financial services world, which is why we offer several layers of protection for our users. For all Fundrise experiences, we encrypt investor information with an AES bit symmetric key — the same level used by the largest commercial banks — and encourage investors to take advantage of the option to enable two-factor authentication.

For the Android app specifically, investors have the option of logging in through:

  • Email and password combination: The same email and password that you use to log onto Fundrise from anywhere else. It’s important to choose a password that’s unique to your Fundrise account in order to prevent the possibility of account hacking.
  • Email and pin combination: Users have the option to enable a pin number for their login to simplify the login process. If you choose to use a pin, it’s important to pick one that’s unique to your Fundrise account.
  • Biometric ID: The Fundrise Android app also lets you enable any biometric security login options supported by your Android device, such as fingerprint or face authentication. The available biometric options may vary between specific Android devices.

Fundrise Android Biometric Authentication

Stay informed with real-time alerts

One major difference between the desktop and Android app experiences is the ability for Android users to receive real-time alerts about their Fundrise account. Push notifications may include updates like dividends sent, confirmation of account transactions, asset updates, and announcements of new features and products. This way you’re never out of the loop on the status of your portfolio.

Monitor your portfolio

The Fundrise Android app gives investors an easily-digestible viewof the key metrics driving their portfolio’s performance.

Track high-level performance

Fundrise Android Performance Graph

Part of our mission is setting a new standard of transparency in the investment industry, which includes sharing investment performance as well as fees. That’s why you will immediately see the yearly and all-time performance of your Fundrise investment portfolio upon login. You can view a breakdown of your investment’s performance across both distributed dividends and appreciation, and you can view net returns after accounting for advisory fees.

Stay up-to-date with your newsfeed

Fundrise Android Progress Update Newsfeed

Below the performance section of your home screen, you can find the newsfeed, which provides updated information on major developments within your account. View every update in your account as you would on the desktop experience in the order that they’ve occurred in your account. You can scroll through this section to find updates including asset reports, letters to our investors, notices of dividends received, and tax document releases.

Inspect your portfolio’s composition

Fundrise Android Portfolio

In the second tab of the app, you’ll find two sections – Projects and Positions – that you can toggle between to view your investment portfolio in greater granularity.

In the Positions section, you can view your portfolio’s allocation across each offering that you’ve invested in, down to the percentage of portfolio composition. You can tap any of the individual offerings to find out more about it, including the impact it’s made on your earnings across dividends and appreciation, as well as any fees paid for it.

Under the Projects section, you can view the individual investments that comprise your Fundrise investment portfolio broken down by our color-coded risk rating system. You can tap on any color to view your collection of assets that fall under that risk rating. You can also tap on any individual asset to learn more about it, from location to investment structure to projected return.

Dig deep into performance

In the third tab, you can access the most comprehensive filtering capability to view the performance of your portfolio overall and the individual offerings that comprise it. You can view investment performance by year and all-time for each offering contained in your portfolio as well as the time-weighted performance of your investment portfolio as a whole.

Return figures are available in both dollars and as a percentage in each view in this section.

Review your account history

With the Fundrise app, you can access your account’s full activity history since its creation. By tapping the menu in the top left corner, you can view a detailed record of your transactions, including contributions, dividends sent, distributions, and reinvestments under the Transactions section.

Under the Documents section, you have the same access to all account documents as you would on the desktop experience. Here you can view tax documents, account statements, and investment documents.

Keep your account growing — and share the opportunity

If you’re interested in increasing your overall investment, the Fundrise Android app makes it simple to continue manually adding more funds to your investment. No matter how you placed your initial investment when you opened your account, you can use the app at any time to easily add funds.

On top of growing your own account, the app also makes it easy to invite friends to join the Fundrise platform. With just a few taps, you can send a pre-composed message through our Invitation Program to anyone you think should know about Fundrise. You can get your advisory fees waived for each friend you successfully invite. See the full terms and conditions here.

App capabilities for users who aren’t investors

Fundrise Android Pre-Invest Experience

If you aren’t a Fundrise investor yet, you can still create an account and learn more about Fundrise and explore investment options. Browse service levels and investment plans with a few taps to learn which might fit your diversification needs and investment goals.

Fundrise Android Bank Selection

Using the app to sign up usually takes less than five minutes, and Fundrise integrates with more than 3,500 banks to make your investment experience seamless and convenient from the start.

Where to learn more

The Fundrise Android app is now available to download for free in the Google Play Store. You can also learn more about Fundrise and explore our investment options on our website.

We’re continuously working to improve our investor experience, and we hope our new app will do just that. As always, we welcome any feedback that you may have about the app or any other part of the Fundrise platform. Please feel free to reach out to us at with any comments or questions.