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Dividends paid on $10,000 since inception ($)


The Heartland eREIT focuses on a balanced approach of acquiring both debt and equity investments in commercial real estate assets located specifically in the Midwest region. The eREIT™ intends to target investments with fixed rates of return that maximize current income, and equity investments with significant potential value creation. 

In particular, the Heartland eREIT’s strategy centers on the stable economy of the Midwest, which is filled with pockets of high growth, coupled with housing supply constraints. The eREIT plans to capitalize on its strategy through: (i) acquiring value ­add and lease­ up properties; (ii) acquiring assets that require repositioning or re­development; (iii) investing in ground­-up new development projects; and (iv) providing mezzanine debt and recapitalization equity capital for existing transactions.

The Midwestern multifamily rental market is benefitting from demographic changes, improved job growth, and strong economic dynamics. The Heartland eREIT™ aims to invest in commercial real estate assets located in the Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, and Denver, CO metro areas.


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Time Horizon

The Heartland eREIT plans to look for opportunities to provide liquidity to its investors after approximately 5 years.

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While you should view your investment as long-term, you may be able to request redemption of your shares on a quarterly basis, subject to certain limitations.

Holding Period From Date of Settlement Effective Redemption Price
(as percentage of per share redemption price)
Less than 90 days 100%
90 days - 3 years 97%
3 years - 4 years 98%
4 - 5 years 99%
More than 5 years 100%

For full details see the "Quarterly Redemption Plan" section of the offering circulars available at www.fundrise.com/oc.