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Finally, a real alternative to investing in the stock market

We think this is the biggest change in the investment industry since the invention of the mutual fund.

For the first time ever, individuals can invest like the most sucessful institutions by allocating to private market investments.

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Now you can invest the way the most successful institutions do.

Our technology opens up the previously unattainable world of private market investing to you, giving you the opportunity to invest under the same sophisticated portfolio strategy that the largest and most successful professional investors have used to earn higher returns.

Stop paying for something you don’t use.

Public market vs Private market
Investment Horizon Daily liquidity Investment Horizon 3 - 7 years
Trailing 20 yr. annual return 8.2% Trailing 20 yr. annual return 12.3%
Cost of auction liquidity

Auction liquidity costs you 33% of your return –
whether or not you use it.

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Invest in real assets, with real value.

We follow a “value investing” strategy, meaning we buy investments for less than what we believe is their intrinsic value (i.e. their replacement cost). This is a strategy that many people now say is virtually impossible to execute in the highly efficient public markets.

Value investing has tended to produce more stable returns over the long term, a strategy to which many of the most famous investors have attributed their success.

Pictured: Elysium 14, a Fundrise asset in Washington, DC

Get instant diversification, with greater stability.

When you invest with Fundrise, your money is automatically diversified across our proprietary eREITs and eFunds, investment products specifically designed to be low-cost and tax efficient.

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According to numerous sources listed below, a one standard deviation increase in private equity holdings, such as those available on Fundrise, is associated with approximately 4.1% greater returns per year.

Dyck, A. and Pomorski, L. “Investor Scale and Performance in Private Equity Investments.” Oxford Review of Finance 2016, 20 July 2015, pp. 1081-1106; Fundrise White Paper, “Why Private Markets Outperform Traditional Publicly-Traded Stocks & Bonds,” May 16, 2017; Cambridge Associates’ 2016 Q1 US Private Equity Index; and Wall Street Journal, “Calpers Is Sick of Paying Too Much for Private Equity,” April 16, 2017

“The Old Way” is the annualized dividend yield of the Vanguard REIT ETF, which is 3.91% as reported by on May 26, 2017. “The Fundrise Way” is the weighted average of the Q3 2017 daily distributions of each of the eDirect investments in the Fundrise “Supplemental Income” portfolio.