eDirect Technology™

Meet the innovations behind our powerful new approach.

Using new federal regulations and a proprietary technology stack, we’ve engineered a new investment approach designed to outperform the stock market and help you earn better returns, more consistently.

Direct private market investing

Our technology allows you to take advantage of the structural inefficiencies created by the public-private market divide. Studies show that investing in the private market can produce 30 – 40% higher returns than investing in the public market.

Why it matters to you:

Until now direct private market investing was largely inaccessible to individual investors. With Fundrise, you can now build a portfolio of private market investments with the potential to earn higher, more consistent returns over time.

Full stack financial integration

Full-stack financial integration

By combining proprietary cloud-based software with a team of securities, programming, and finance professionals, we’ve built a fully-integrated, automated investment system. Our full-stack financial integration enables us a unique ability to operate more cost-effectively and with greater flexibility than traditional investment advisors and private fund managers.

Why it matters to you:

Our efficient, automated system allows us to adapt quickly to changes in the market, helping you capitalize on opportunities that others can’t – all at a lower cost than traditional players.

Technology-driven capital formation

Using the power of the internet and our innovative direct-to-investor online distribution model, we bring together tens of thousands of individual investors to produce the same type of buying power and negotiating leverage typically only enjoyed by large institutions.

Why it matters to you:

Rather than choosing from the leftovers of the big institutions, who generally get first access to the best opportunities, you benefit from the institutional scale of the Fundrise investor base but without having to pay the high fees.

Public reporting transparency

A Fundrise portfolio is made up of qualified offerings. Our offerings are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and must follow strict reporting requirements including annual audits and regular financial reporting.

Why it matters to you:

You get confidence that comes from transparency standards similar to those required of public companies listed on the stock market, with the ease of our simple online platform.

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