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Cash flow


Dividends paid on $10,000 since inception ($)


The Income eREIT focuses primarily on making debt investments in commercial real estate assets that generate steady cash flow. To date, the Income eREIT has executed on this strategy by identifying institutional quality assets of sub-institutional size, particularly in urban metro markets.

The Income eREIT has followed three core principles in selecting potential assets:

* Small Assets: We believe targeting assets that fall under the radar of big banks and investment funds allows us to achieve higher relative returns.

* Regulatory Inefficiencies: Increased banking regulations as a result of the 2008 financial crisis have opened up new opportunities for more flexible lenders to expand into the market.

* Urban Infill Location: Generally real estate assets located in the core of large cities benefit from higher demand, and higher pricing, due to the relative lack of supply.

For more information on the Income eREIT's strategy and operations, please see our in-depth Performance Analysis Report


Previously owned assets

Time Horizon

The Income eREIT plans to look for opportunities to provide liquidity to its investors after approximately 5 years.

High Probability Moderate Probability Low Probability


While you should view your investment as long-term, you may be able to request redemption of your shares on a quarterly basis, subject to certain limitations.

Holding Period From Date of Settlement Effective Redemption Price
(as percentage of per share redemption price)
Less than 90 days 100%
90 days - 3 years 97%
3 years - 4 years 98%
4 - 5 years 99%
More than 5 years 100%

For full details see the "Quarterly Redemption Plan" section of the offering circulars available at