Income eREIT™

Asset Focus


The Income eREIT™ aims to provide investors with consistent cash distributions while preserving their principal invested.

Maximum cash dividend Maximum appreciation


The Income eREIT™ plans to focus primarily on acquiring debt investments in commercial real estate assets, which typically generate steady cash flow throughout the life of the investment.

Equity Debt Higher relative risk Higher potential return Variable returns Returns, if any, mostly paid at end of investment Lower relative risk Lower potential return Returns are fixed Returns, if any, paid throughout investment term 0% 100% 100% Income eREIT™ Focus

Geographic Focus

The Income eREIT™ aims to invest in commercial real estate assets located throughout the United States without a specific regional focus.

West Coast
East Coast
Income eREIT™ geographic focus

Time Horizon

The Income eREIT™ plans to look for opportunities to provide liquidity to its investors after approximately five years.

High Probability Moderate Probability Low Probability

You pay $0 in asset management fees until you earn a 15% annualized return

We think today’s model of investors paying large fees to investment managers regardless of their performance makes no sense. We’ve come up with a simple yet radical idea to hold ourselves accountable to our investors: During the first two years of operations (until Dec 31, 2017), you pay $0 in asset management fees unless you earn a 15% annualized return.

Our redemption plan gives you quarterly liquidity

While the Income eREIT™ is meant to be a long-term investment, we recognize the importance of having financial flexibility. So, we’ve provided a redemption plan that allows investors to sell their shares back to the eREIT™ on a quarterly basis, subject to certain limitations.