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Every investment is examined from every angle.

Fundrise reviews thousands of investment opportunities from all across the country to find the very best. Every investment that we make goes through a rigorous underwriting process including but not limited to these four key areas:


  • Experience and track record
  • Credit and background check
  • Real estate portfolio analysis
  • Organizational structure


  • In-depth schedule and budget
  • Appraisal and cost basis
  • Historical performance
  • Property-level due diligence


  • On-site market review
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Comparable properties
  • Demographics and employment


  • Return sensitivity
  • Break-even analysis
  • As-is and as-stabilized
  • Sale / refinance stress tests

Fewer than 2% of investments meet our standards.

Quality real estate investments are inherently scarce. Fundrise uses predictive analytics and proprietary due diligence technology to review a large volume of deals while maintaining our standards. Of the 2000+ projects that we reviewed in 2015, fewer than 2% were approved.

1 Initial Submission
The best real estate companies submit opportunities to the Fundrise real estate team.
2 Basic Screening
Initial screening to ensure investment is consistent with Fundrise standards.
3 Detailed Underwriting
In-depth analysis, including an on-site visit by a member of the Fundrise team.
4 Final Approval
The investment is approved by our investment committee.

Put 75 years and $5 billion of real estate experience to work for you.

Ben Miller

Founder & CEO

Ben has more than 17 years experience and owned over $800 million of real estate as a Partner at WestMill Capital and President of Western Development Corp.

Tal Kerret

Independent Board Member

Tal is President of Silverstein Properties Inc., the developer of One World Trade Center with more than $10 billion currently under development.

King Davidson

Senior VP, Real Estate

King has worked in development with Opus Corp, investment and acquisitions with Clark Enterprises and investment banking with Merrill Lynch.

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