Our Mission

We’re reinventing the way people invest their money.

Together, we’re revolutionizing the investment industry

Fundrise was born from the belief that everyone deserves a simpler, smarter, more reliable way to invest their money. Using technology, we are rebuilding the entire investment system from the ground up so individuals can efficiently access the best investments.

Together, we can create a better financial future for every investor.

Real Estate Crowdfunding The first online access to private market real estate assets eREITs Opening private real estate to everyone, regardless of net worth Fundrise A.I.™ Automated portfolios personalized by individual investment goals Fundrise iPO Aligned interests through our unique investor-ownership model Internet Finance Revolutionizes Wall Street

Driving progress through relentless innovation

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs
  • Feb 2011

    Patent filed for real estate crowdfunding

    We invented the idea of investing in real estate online two years before anyone else was even talking about it

  • Jun 2012

    First-ever crowdfunded real estate deal

    “The Real Estate Deal That Could Change the Future of Everything”
    – The Atlantic Cities

  • Feb 2015

    First-ever billion-dollar asset crowdfunded

    Fundrise investors took part in financing the $2 billion iconic 3 World Trade Center skyscraper

  • Dec 2015

    Creation of First-ever eREIT™

    Technology enhanced superior real estate investing for everyone, regardless of net worth

  • Jan 2017

    First-ever Tech iPO (internet Public Offering)

    Another milestone in our mission to revolutionize investing, allowing you to become an owner of Fundrise

  • Coming Soon

    Project X²

    We’re not stopping here. Our next innovation is already in R&D to push the boundaries of investing even further

Fundrise investors have invested in
$1.2 billion of property since 2013 and growing.

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Our values are more than just talk.

We’ve broken new ground by enabling
investors to become owners of the company.

Our new internet public offering (iPO) model allows our investors to become shareholders of the company and partners in our future success. While most companies only talk about alignment, we believe that by giving our investors the opportunity also to become owners, we’ve created a unique structural advantage that allows us to create the greatest value over the long term.

Put the power of private investing to work for you.

Choose a Fundrise portfolio strategy to see
how it stacks up against traditional investments.

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