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Current annualized dividend yield

Earn attractive income vs. publicly traded investments.

By investing directly in private market real estate, Fundrise portfolios earn higher annual current income than public income-focused investments. The figure shown here represents the Q1 2018 currently declared dividends for the Starter Portfolio, compared to public market REIT ETFs and public market bond funds.

Learn more about the assumptions in this section, or view our full disclosure.

Instantly diversify across {{}}+ real estate assets.

The real estate assets in every Fundrise portfolio are carefully selected and underwritten
by our experienced team, which has invested in approximately $1.4 billion of real estate.

Top questions from new investors

What am I investing in?

Investors in the Fundrise Starter Portfolio are allocated evenly across three of our eDirect investment offerings, the East Coast eREIT, the Heartland eREIT, and the West Coast eREIT, which are diversified portfolios of private real estate assets located throughout the United States.

How do I earn returns from this investment?

You can earn money through interest payments, property income, as well as potential appreciation in value of the properties themselves. As a shareholder, you are entitled to your pro-rata portion of any income earned and distributed. You can expect quarterly distributions, and may receive additional periodic distributions as certain underlying properties are sold. Actual results may vary and there can be no guarantee of enhanced returns due to investing on Fundrise or the use of Fundrise Advisors’ services or recommendations.

When can I expect a return?

The Fundrise Starter Portfolio is meant to be a long-term, illiquid investment. The return is primarily paid out in two ways (i) via quarterly distributions and (ii) via appreciation in asset value at the end of the asset’s investment term. All three investments in the Starter Portfolio have paid quarterly distributions each quarter since Q1 2017, and anticipate continuing to do so in the future, though there can be no guarantees.

Can I redeem my shares?

Real estate is inherently a long-term, illiquid investment. However, each eDirect investment in this portfolio has adopted a redemption plan whereby an investor may obtain liquidity monthly, following a minimum sixty day waiting period after submitting their redemption request, subject to certain limitations. For more information, please see the Offering Circulars.

What are the fees?

The eDirect offerings in the Starter Portfolio pay a 0.85% annual asset management fee. In addition, investors pay a 0.15% annual investment advisory fee. Our unique technology-driven model is up to 40% more cost-efficient than publicly available investments. For a full description of the fees that each investment may incur, please see the Offering Circulars.

What tax documents can I expect to receive?

Investors in the Starter Portfolio can expect to receive three annual Form 1099-DIVs, one for each of the eREITs in this portfolio.

The New York Times
“Fundrise is a pioneer… allowing individuals to directly invest in hotels, apartment buildings and other development projects.”
“Fundrise has a history of making it easier for ordinary investors to put money to work.”
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Learn more about the assumptions in this section, or view our full disclosure.

Now it’s easier than ever to get started
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“Public Bonds” is the annualized dividend yield of the Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund, which is 2.25% as reported by on October 2, 2017. “Public Real Estate” is the annualized dividend yield of the Vanguard REIT ETF, which is 3.87% as reported by on October 2, 2017. “Fundrise” is the weighted average of the Q1 2018 daily distributions of each of the eDirect investments in the Fundrise “Starter” portfolio.

Average annualized returns only include returns of investments sponsored by Rise Companies Corp. and does not include returns, if any, of investments directly in Rise Companies Corp. itself.

Individual reviews may be accessed on the individual independent social media site or by clicking through to the full reviews page.

Reviews were last updated November 28, 2017. For the most current reviews, please visit the Google and Better Business Bureau websites directly.