eREIT Comparison


Income eREIT

Produce a low-volatility income stream of consistent, attractive cash distributions

Growth eREIT

Pursue moderate returns during investment, with potential for much higher returns at the end


Income eREIT

Lower relative risk Lower potential return Returns are fixed Returns, if any, paid throughout term Debt

Growth eREIT

Higher relative risk Higher potential return Variable returns Returns, if any, mostly paid at end Equity


Income eREIT

During the first two years of the investment, you pay $0 in asset management fees unless you earn at least a 15% annual return

Growth eREIT

Fundrise will pay a penalty of up to $500,000 to investors if the Growth eREIT earns less than a 20% annual return

View Income eREIT Offering Circular and supplements thereto.

View Growth eREIT Offering Circular and supplements thereto.

The information presented provides a brief description of each eREIT, which is qualified in its entirety by the disclosure contained in each eREIT’s Offering Circular, links to which are available on each individual eREIT’s offering page, as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR website. Show less