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What is an eREIT?

An eREIT is an online alternative investment that gives everyday investors revolutionary direct access to professionally managed, diversified private market commercial real estate assets, such as apartments, hotels, retail, and office buildings from across the country. eREIT is offered directly to investors online, without any brokers or selling commissions.


Fundrise cost-saving technology allows you to keep more of your potential returns.

Passive Income

An eREIT aims to provide investors with consistent quarterly cash distributions and the potential for additional returns paid out at the end of the investment.

Commercial Real Estate

An eREIT focuses on commercial real estate properties of institutional quality but sub-institutional size.


An eREIT maximizes diversification by investing in properties across multiple states within the US.

How does it work?

Each eREIT can earn money through interest payments, property income, as well as potential appreciation in value of the properties themselves. You earn potential returns based on the real estate investments made by each eREIT in which you invest. As a shareholder, you are entitled to your pro-rata portion of any income earned and distributed by the eREIT.



We invest where we believe value can be enhanced by acquiring ownership of high-quality, income-producing commercial assets as well as acquisition loans.


Add Value

We seek to optimize each property's value through strategic equity ownership and opportunistic lending.


Cash Flow

We may benefit from collecting interest payments, rental income, and any additional potential profits from the sale of an asset.

Time Horizon

Each eREIT plans to look for opportunities to provide liquidity to its investors after approximately five years.

High Probability Moderate Probability Low Probability

Our redemption plan gives you quarterly liquidity

While an eREIT is meant to be long-term investment, we recognize the importance of having financial flexibility. So we've provided a redemption plan that allows investors to sell their shares back to each eREIT on a quarterly basis, subject to certain limitations.

Quick Facts

Fees: 0.85% annualized asset management fee

Minimum: get started for as low as $1,000

Distributions: paid out quarterly

Tax Documents: annual 1099-DIV

Diversification: Invested across a variety of assets in different states

Fundrise investors can earn more than
investors in traditional portfolios.

Hypothetical growth of a $10,000 investment
Hypothetical growth of a $10,000 investment. Learn more about the assumptions in this section, or view our full disclosure.

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