Dividend Reinvestment

Advance your earnings potential for the long haul.

See how much your account could be worth with dividend reinvestment enabled.

Hypothetical Investment of $10,000 in Balanced Investing Plan

Projected Account Value with Reinvestment Enabled
Current Projected Account Value

Top Questions

Are there any fees associated with dividend reinvestment?

No. At this time, there are no fees associated with participating in dividend reinvestment.

Where are my dividends reinvested?

Your dividends are reinvested into open offerings on the platform according to your selected reinvestment preference.

How can I change my dividend reinvestment preferences?

You may opt into or out of dividend reinvestment from the settings section of your account.

However, please note that you must do so prior to the end of the quarter in order for your selection to be applied to that quarter's dividends.

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