Have you ever had to drive for miles or fly across the country to attend professional development courses? Well, those days are in the past. Today, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) help professionals get the educational development they need to sustain rewarding careers.

Whether your goal is to learn a new skill, dive deeper into a particular financial discipline, or to familiarize yourself with a new technology, MOOCs allow you to do so from the convenience of your couch. Finding these courses and ensuring their credibility can be daunting, so we’ve put together this convenient guide to point you in the right direction.

Here is a snapshot of several providers of online courses for both beginners and trained professionals interested in finance education:

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

PricewaterhouseCoopers is more than an accounting and consulting firm. Their Open University is a rich resource that anyone from the novice accountant to the veteran finance professional can use for continuing education, professional development, or obtaining new skills.


Coursera has become the gold standard in MOOCs. They offer online courses on everything from arts and humanities to social sciences and personal development. If you want an online finance course that can help you in your professional or personal endeavors, this is a good place to look. Their catalog features over 100 courses on finance and accounting.

Coursera offers incredible educational value for each course, and their financial course offerings are tough to beat. Through their platform you can access top courses from some of the nation’s top universities, including Caltech, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, and many more. One thing to note: not all courses are offered for free, so you have to comb through them to find the ones that are.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides its courses through an interface that is fun to use and easy to navigate. The whole platform has a gamified feel that helps you track your progress as you collect new skills. Khan Academy is well organized, dividing its finance and accounting MOOCs into a section of their own. Khan Academy is a good place to fill in the gaps of your financial knowledge for free.

Other MOOC resources

Free online finance courses can be found in other corners of the internet as well. Other massive open online course (MOOC) providers include MRUniversity, TedX, Stanford OpenEdx, FutureLearn, and Open2Study, just to name a few.

Class Central provides a comprehensive directory of free finance MOOCs featuring courses from all of these providers as well as Coursera. Always be sure to check out the MOOC provider’s credentials before you enroll in an online course. Are the company or professor providing the coursework considered a credible source? What are their credentials? Some sort of certification from the course provider is also essential.