There are three things to expect from any real estate investment: Distributions, Reporting, and Tax Filings. The real estate company managing your investment is responsible for providing these to you via your Fundrise portfolio.


Regular dividends paid to investors from the project cash flow are called distributions. Distributions may be deferred until a project has sufficient cash flow to pay them or there may be an interest reserve set aside to pay investors until the property is open and tenants start paying rent. When a project has sufficient cash flow to pay investor distributions, they are typically paid quarterly.


The real estate company managing the project you have invested in is responsible for providing regular project updates to investors. These reports typically include updates on progress made on the project, keystone events, and financial updates. You should expect transparent communication from the manager about the project.

Tax Filings

Every year you should receive a tax-filing document from the real estate company managing your project. Depending on the structure of the investment, this will likely be either 1099 or K-1. You will need these tax documents to file your personal taxes as it shows how much money you earned or can write-down from your investment that year.

Image: Chris Potter, Vintage Grow Your Money - 12/11/2012