Becoming a great investor doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of research to learn exactly how the markets work and build a truly diversified portfolio.

Reading about investment theories and market news is key to growing as an investor. I love following finance bloggers to both make sense of macroeconomic trends and to learn about new tools and strategies.

Here are my favorites:

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

If you’re looking for information on the factors that drive the markets then Don’t Quit Your Day Job is a great place to start. They provide readers with insights on market trends and economic data that could drive future market results.

Financial Mentor

Todd Tresidder, the founder of Financial Mentor, has one main objective: to help individual investors find financial freedom. Todd helps to debunk some of the useless information that can be found online and aims to empower consumers to invest in low-fee strategies to maximize returns.

Financial Samurai

Sam Dogen, the founder of Financial Samurai, is an ex-Wall Street employee who left corporate America with the goal of building a sustainable, successful lifestyle built entirely on investments and savings. Financial Samurai’s motto is “achieving financial independence sooner, rather than later.”

Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose is a retired soldier and financial planner who has built an enormous following with his site Good Financial Cents. The blog is more of a well-rounded personal finance site, but contains plenty of worthwhile content about investing. Many finance blogs can be boring and almost sleep-inducing, but Jeff makes concepts interesting, fun, and easy to understand.

Intelligent Speculator

Intelligent Speculator gets its name from the famous Benjamin Graham book, The Intelligent Investor. However, Graham was against speculation as a form of investing. He liked to have a solid basis for investments based on company fundamentals. Intelligent Speculator disagrees and believes that if you speculate in the right manner you can greatly increase your chances for exceptional returns. This blog is not for the risk-averse or faint of heart!

Investor Junkie

Larry Ludwig started Investor Junkie without being an investment guru. Rather, he has a passion for investing and a knack for teaching others. In particular, I love Larry’s financial product reviews. We’re exposed to so many different products (and sales pitches) these days, and it can be hard to know what’s worth your time and money. Investor Junkie’s analyses help to cut through the clutter.

The Makin’ Sense Babe Cheat Sheet

The investment world can be a little dry. Kathryn Cicoletti, founder of Makin’ Sense Babe, is trying to put an end to that. Kathryn, a former investment analyst on Wall Street, adds a fresh voice to the industry. If you need a good laugh, check out some of her videos.

Mr. Money Mustache

Anyone who aspires to retire early should start reading Mr. Money Mustache today. Pete (otherwise known as Mr. Money Mustache) retired in 2005 and prides himself on investing smartly and living a comfortable, but frugal lifestyle. He’s established a very loyal cult of fans that enjoy his easy, no nonsense way of building and discussing wealth.

My Money Blog

I’ve followed My Money Blog for quite some time. Jonathan Ping, the site’s creator, is very transparent with his own investment strategies - including his bank account size, credit card balances, and 401(k) contributions - and how he’s putting his money to work.

Oblivious Investor

Mike Piper’s started Oblivious Investor several years ago to show that investing doesn’t need to be complicated. He teaches his readers three main things: thoroughly diversify, minimize the costs associated with your portfolio, and ignore everything that you hear in the media.

Retire By 40

Joe Udo started Retire By 40 to document his fast-track to retirement. Like Mr. Money Mustache, Joe reached his goals by being frugal and making smart investment choices. The list of investing blogs that I check on a daily basis is relatively short, but Joe’s is one of them.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha has established itself as a go-to resource for everything investing. They have thousands of authoritative contributors who cover stocks, ETFs, and investment strategies. SA is a great place for both industry news and opinions.

The Reformed Broker

Josh Brown, who you might recognize as a contributor on CNBC’s The Halftime Report, founded The Reformed Broker in 2008. As a professional investor who started his own wealth management firm, Josh brings years of investing knowledge to his readers.