Our awesome summer interns, Connor and Evan, are leaving us today to head back to school at the University of Michigan and the University of Maryland, respectively.

They’ve been great additions to the team this summer and we’re sad to see them go!

Before they left, we asked them a few questions about their time at Fundrise and what they’d learned.

Here’s what they said:

So, what was it like working at Fundrise?

Evan (Software Engineering Intern): As far as engineering internships go, this is one of the best ones you can have. Not only did I have a chance to refine and build on my existing skillset, but I actually learned new ones. I had a lot of engineering classmates who interned at big government contractors this summer and, though they had some serious perks, they didn’t do anywhere near the kind of hands-on, real work that I did.

Connor (Real Estate Intern): It’s been amazing. Fundrise has a great culture and the whole team (dogs included) was friendly, welcoming, and really smart. Everyone was willing to take the time to teach me how to do different tasks which facilitated learning and made me able to actually contribute valuable work. I was also able to get involved with many different parts of the company, which really rounded out my experience.

What did your day-to-day look like?

Connor: Every day was different, which I loved. The majority of my work focused on supporting the Real Estate Team, but the work itself varied from building models to reviewing project submissions to sitting in on meetings with developers and our underwriters. I also spent the summer working on several projects aimed at bolstering Fundrise’s ability to generate high-quality real estate deals.

Evan: I spent most days working on one to two projects and joining team meetings. If I ever ran into a challenge with a task, I asked Minh, Kenny, or Ryan (the other Fundrise engineers) and they helped me troubleshoot. Two of my bigger projects included: creating dynamic analytic reports to monitor investor trends and statistics with Java, Spring, and Hibernate and implementing a file upload service on a Tomcat server. I also made it a goal to try out a new lunch spot every day since Fundrise is based in the heart of DuPont Circle in Washington, DC!

What did you learn?

Evan: Where do I begin!? Overall, I really bolstered my knowledge of different software and language, in particular, HTML, SQL, Spring, Hibernate, git, Maven, Apache Tomcat/Ant, software design/organization concepts, basic image processing, and Eclipse navigation shortcuts.

Connor: I learned an enormous amount about real estate underwriting, real estate lending, structured debt modeling, origination, and process automation.

We’re always looking to bring on smart, passionate interns! If you’re interested, send your resume and a brief note to contact@fundrise.com.