Name: Elan Schnitzer

Investor in: Fundrise 906 H Street NE and Fundrise 1539 7th Street NW

Occupation: Communications Strategist and Project Manager at Reingold, Inc.

How did you hear about Fundrise?

I was introduced to Fundrise by a few of my coworkers who had invested in the company’s first deal. Like I am now, they were excited to talk about the Fundrise model to anyone who would listen.

How did it fit in with your broader investment strategy?

My Fundrise investments are a small part of my overall investment portfolio, but they’re certainly the most fun. They’re much more engaging and interesting than any of my other investments and I like being able to personally invest in my neighborhood.

Before Fundrise, my only investments in real estate had been through larger funds — I’d never been able to invest directly.

What are you looking for in your next Fundrise investment?

I’m really excited about the Fundrise model moving to a national scale where anyone can invest in any property in any location. I’m looking forward to investing in areas where I’ve spent time, but no longer live. For example, I’d love to invest back home in New York — a place that I know well, but don’t spend much time in anymore.

In terms of specific projects, I’m hoping that there will be more residential projects to invest in. Not necessarily giant highrises, but smaller projects that seem more accessible and places where I could imagine myself living.