Name: Dana Hollish Hill

Investor in: 1539 7th Street

Occupation: Exclusive Buyer’s Agent in DC, Maryland and Virginia

How did you hear about Fundrise?

I’d heard about real esate crowdfunding in the news and on local real estate blogs. Soon thereafter, my office invested in a new retail space in Baltimore and I had a chance to buy a share. Though it’s hard to conceptualize buying a property, I felt great owning one share.

When I started reading about Fundrise, I realized that this was what I’d been looking for. But, as a Maryland resident, I couldn’t invest.

So, I got on the phone with my state reps and the Fundrise founders to change that. I was excited to find out that the recent public offering was going to be available to DC, Virginia AND Maryland residents. I figured I’d start with five shares and see how it goes.

I like this concept because I can see and touch it. It’s a building in my area. My kids were so excited about it that we drove by the property. There’s something very powerful about that.

I’m hoping that I’ll get a lot more opportunities to own pieces of my neighborhood.

How did it fit in with your broader investment strategy?

I’ve been investing since my first job, when an older co-worker sat me down and showed me what a difference investing early would make.

I’m self-employed with two kids to put through college so my husband and I have a very diverse strategy. Real estate is intuitive to me and, since my kids are still young, I have time to take on longer term investments and add new projects to my portfolio.

What are you looking for in your next Fundrise investment?

I’m looking forward to seeing opportunities in more pioneering neighborhoods, where an investment like a Fundrise property would make a huge difference in the community.

I liked the offerings on H Street NE, though unfortunately Maryland residents couldn’t invest at that time. I’m willing to use my investment to help out and push neighborhoods forward.