​Three years ago we envisioned a new kind of real estate development—one built on the back of technology that would provide greater access and transparency. We believed this process would empower individuals to become owners and ultimately lead to better development.

Now, that idea has finally come to fruition—with the opening of Maketto, the country’s first-ever crowdfunded real estate project.

Maketto was not only our first offering when the Fundrise platform launched in DC in 2012, but the first real estate project in the country to allow investment from individuals online.

175 individuals from DC, Maryland, and Virginia are investors in the project!

And, the communal food and retail market has opened to rave reviews:

- Citylab: It’s a Restaurant, It’s a Boutique, It’s an Experiment in Crowd-Funded Real Estate

- Washington Post: Maketto is many things, including weird and wonderful

- Commercial Property Executive: Nation’s First-Ever Crowdfunded Real Estate Project Opens in DC

If you’re in DC, stop by Maketto to check out the beautiful space!

Image Source: Maketto 1351