If you’ve heard of Uber, HubSpot, CircleUp, and AngelList, then you might know each of these companies has something in common.

Okay, they are all based in the U.S., but they have one other thing in common too. They were all funded by Google Ventures, Google’s venture capital firm with more than 300 notches on their seed belts so far.

Here are 12 innovative companies changing the way people relate to their money. All of them received early funding money from Google Ventures (GV).

Google Ventures-Backed FinTech Companies on the Rise

This is just a small share of the companies in the growing FinTech space that Google Ventures has backed in at least one funding round. I’m sure there will be plenty more.


When employees spend money on behalf of their employers, they want to get reimbursed quickly. Abacus facilitates that repayment, making business more efficient for everyone. Google Ventures wasted no time to jump in on the $3.5 million funding round.


GV helped push BackOps to a $7 million funding round in 2013. The company provides automated accounting, HR services, and other back office operations for small businesses.


Digit helps people who aren’t good at saving money be more disciplined by putting aside a few dollars a couple of times a week on autopilot. The company raised $2.9 million in seed funding with the help of GV and a few other angels.


InVenture helps small companies manage their finances and build credit. Google Ventures joined Lowercase Capital in the $2.1M seed funding round.


OnDeck started helping small businesses get loans as early as 2007. In 2013, they announced an expansion of the Series D funding plans and GV led the way to this innovative company raising $17 million. And, in December 2014, OnDeck raised $200M in an IPO.


Ever wish you could walk up to a vending machine and “swipe” your smartphone to buy a soda? PayRange leaps over payment barriers for parking meters, luggage carts, laundromats, and anywhere else micro-payments are typically made with cash or a credit card. GV joined the company’s $12M Series A round in June 2015.


As users build trust with their networks, they can borrow more. Puddle is a company revolutionizing peer-to-peer lending, based on the idea that as users build trust with their networks, they can borrow more. Google Ventures, along with Intel, is the company that made it happen. No credit necessary.


Imagine dining in your favorite restaurant and realizing you forgot your wallet. Reserve is a mobile app that allows you to pay your bill, and you can split the check, too.

Ripple Labs

Few companies are revolutionizing the financial industry like Ripple. This company created an Internet-based protocol for delivering payments across secure networks. Ripple Labs was the code-developing experimentation lab funded in part by Google Ventures.


Robinhood is taking money out of Wall Street pockets by providing investors who trade in stocks $0 financial transactions. GV and Snoop Dogg partnered with other investors to push Robinhood up to $16 million in funding.


GV hyperlinked investor money with this digital content producer designed to earn publisher money through advertising-generated links on their websites, on social media, and their smartphone apps. VigLink offers automated revenue generation. Smart!


In a world where startup after startup heads for the cloud, you should expect a payroll provider to join them. ZenPayroll has since changed its name to Gusto, but the name didn’t stop Google Ventures from investing earlier this year.

Google Ventures has also provided funding for Cozy, a real estate technology company that makes it easier for landlords to collect rent, but it remains to be seen whether the company will go bullish on real estate
tech. I don’t know about you, but I’m on the edge of my seat to see what Google Ventures will fund next.