Invest in your future home – today.

Fundrise enables you to invest directly in building new homes for the next generation of American homeowners, including YOU.

How does it work?

An eFund™ invests in the acquisition, construction and sale of new homes. You earn potential returns based on any profits from the sale of completed homes — plus our Homebuyer Investor Program gives you exclusive opportunities to purchase the homes yourself!

1. Invest
We acquire property for development in high-growth neighborhoods of major cities.
2. Build
We build homes to fit the needs of our active homebuyers.
3. Sell
We leverage our national investor network to sell to interested homebuyers.

A whole new way to double the results from your investment

The eFund innovation allows you to put your investment dollars to use by doing twice the work - once to drive your annual returns and again for the power to build your next home.

Capitalize on the growing demand

The demand for new homes is strongly outpacing supply. State and local regulations have made it difficult to build new supply. Yet, a whole generation of home buyers wish to purchase in cities. Now you can invest in fulfilling that pent up demand.

Save up to 30% on your next down payment

You could save up to $30,000 on your next home. Before Fundrise sells a home to the broader market, we intend to offer it to our homebuyer investors saving on brokerage and marketing - cutting up to 7% in costs from the home.*

“ Home Sweet Investment: Fundrise Introduces New Way For Millennials To Endow Their Future Houses”
Fast Company
“If you're in your twenties or thirties and fretting that you might never be able to buy a house in your city, one company has a suggestion for you…”
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3.760 reviews
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Become a Homebuyer Investor

Invest in your future home - today.