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Position yourself to potentially earn better returns by diversifying into private market real estate.

An investor who had allocated 20% of their investment portfolio to alternatives, such as private market real estate, in 1995 would have earned twice as much as an investor who used a more traditional portfolio allocation of stocks and bonds during the same period.1 Read more about the 20% rule made famous by the Chief Investment Officer of the Yale Endowment.

Fundrise Portfolio
Traditional Portfolio
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Now you can diversify the way successful institutions do.

twenty percent rule

Thanks to advancements in federal regulations and proprietary technology, you can invest like a billion-dollar institution by diversifying into the once-unattainable asset class of private market real estate with Fundrise.

How does diversification impact my investment portfolio?


Reduce correlation, volatility — and ultimately risk.

Risk reduction is at the heart of meaningful diversification strategies, including the 20% rule. By investing across and within uncorrelated asset classes, you can build a stronger portfolio capable of performing in both good and bad markets – which gives it the ability to possibly provide the most stable return profile possible.


Hedges inflation.

Investment in commercial real estate can help hedge against loss from rises in inflation. Unlike other hard assets, real estate can also produce income while it appreciates. As cities grow, demand for real estate increases, but supply is geographically limited, so both property value and rental income can increase with demand.


Potentially earn higher returns.

Strong diversification not only positions you to minimize loss, it also sets you up to maximize returns. Strategic investment choices in uncorrelated assets classes allow you to take the least amount of risk needed to earn your target return.

Get diversification on multiple levels using institutional-grade private market real estate.

Instantly diversify across dozens of real estate properties

On top of receiving exposure to a strong diversifying asset class, with Fundrise you also get diversification within that asset class. Every Fundrise portfolio is made up of dozens of individual real estate assets, which means you can get broad diversification across:

  • Commercial and residential properties
  • Debt and equity investments
  • Geography throughout the U.S.
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Five-year returns comparison, net of fees.

Five–Year Average

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What else you get when you invest with Fundrise

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To a once-unattainable investment class

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Better than expected projected returns through a superior model

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Expert management

By a real estate team with more than $10 billion in experience

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Across dozens of individual properties

Build a more diversified portfolio with just a few clicks.

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