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Fundrise is an online platform that lets you unlock the benefits of flipping homes or owning rental properties, without the drawbacks. For as little as $500, you can invest directly in a portfolio of properties that generate consistent quarterly cash flow and upside potential.

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If you’re here, you know about the potential that real estate investing has to build long-term financial freedom. However, even an entry-level investment property can require as much as a $20,000 down payment. On Fundrise you can start with as little as $500, so you can become a real estate investor, regardless of income or net worth.


Returns from Fundrise investments, net of fees

Including Rise Companies Corp. sponsored deals

Cumulative total returns

Average annualized returns

2014 12.25%
2015 12.42%
2016 8.76%
2017 11.44%
2018 9.11%
Specifically, the time-weighted weighted average annualized total returns. Learn more about the assumptions in this section, or view our full disclosure.

Gain expertise and know-how from our team of professionals.

With over 75 years and $2.5 billion of combined experience across over a hundred deals, our team has been there and done that. As an investor, you get access to the full rundown about the properties you’re invested in, so you can gain valuable knowledge. See how it really works, while putting your money to work.


Would you rather own dozens of properties, or just one?

Instantly diversify across dozens of real estate properties

By joining our growing community of 260,000+ members, you believe in leveraging our size and experience over the risks associated with doing it yourself. With a single click, you’re in dozens of properties ranging from single-family rentals and home flips to $100+ million mixed used developments, in desirable US metro areas like New York, DC, LA, and Seattle.

New home in Berkeley, MI
Luxury condos in Washington, DC
Townhomes in suburban Seattle, WA
New condos in Los Angeles, CA

The “just right” approach to real estate investing

Fundrise provides a way to invest in real estate that offers the attractive return potential associated with flipping or renting your own properties, but with much lower minimums, reduced risk through diversification, and no experience or active work required from you.

Fundrise The higher return potential of doing it yourself, without all the drawbacks. Do It Yourself Requires time, money, and experience to achieve attractive returns.
Historical returns 8.7 – 12.4% annually Varies widely
Minimum investment $500 $20,000 or more¹
Involvement We do everything Hours of work
Diversification Dozens of properties One property
Ability to sell Monthly² Find a buyer
The New York Times
“Fundrise is a pioneer… allowing individuals to directly invest in hotels, apartment buildings and other development projects.”
“Fundrise has a history of making it easier for ordinary investors to put money to work.”
4.8350 reviews
3.673 reviews
Learn more about the assumptions in this section, or view our full disclosure.

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