Add more income to your portfolio.

current ann. dividend
on our East Coast eREIT™
Current Ann. Dividend
Dividend Payout
4x per year
Investment Goal
Income & Growth
Investment Strategy
The figure above assumes a $10,000 investment in the Fundrise East Coast Opportunistic REIT, LLC ("East Coast eREIT™"). Full Disclosure.

Better expected returns through technology

Unlike the existing financial industry, Fundrise is focused on one thing – using technology to reduce costs and fees, helping investors like you target better, more stable returns.

The Old Way The Fundrise Way
Unnecessary middlemen increase costs Direct-to-investor, low fees and low cost
Old-fashioned, opaque manual process Efficient, transparent technology platform
Complex, difficult-to-understand investments Simple and intuitive investments
Volatile returns driven by market sentiment Stablility driven by real economic value
90 Day Satisfaction Period

If you don’t love Fundrise, get your money back.

We believe that every investor deserves to be able to evaluate an investment before making a commitment. If at any time during your first 90 days as an investor you’re not satisfied, we will buy your investment back at the original investment amount, subject to certain limitations.

See details of each eREIT's™ redemption plan contained in their respective offering circulars. Full Disclosure.

Join 136,606 other people and invest smarter.

More and more Americans are buying into our vision of a smarter way to invest, including people in all 50 states, and likely some in your city.

Earn an 8.75% ann. dividend. Try Fundrise today.

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